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How to

Create bushy brows in three steps

1. Spray

Wet your spoolie by using a spray or hold your brush under the tap. You can also use a setting spray.

2. RUB

Rub your spoolie on the brow soap until there is enough product on your brush

3. Brush

Brush your brows in an upward motion in the shape you like. Press lightly with your finger on your brow hairs to let the soap set even better. 


It’s all about the right amount of product. This takes a bit of practice in the beginning. We recommend using not too much water and start with a thin layer of soap. You can always add more layers if needed. After a few times, you’ll get the hang of it. 

Make sure your brow soap and foundation don’t mix in. This can create those little white flakes. It’s easy to prevent, just be careful when you’re putting foundation around your brow area. 

No spoolie? No problem. We have a smart and sustainable solution. Give your old mascara brushes a new life by cleaning them and use them as a brow brush. This works perfect! 

We recommend filling in your brows after you used the brow soap. This way, you can exactly where need some more filling in. 

Don’t spray the water directly on the soap to prevent the tin from rusting.